The Great River Region is a ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) which seeks to build up the Body of Christ and strengthen the ministries of Disciples of Christ congregations in Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.  Focused on discernment of God's call in each of our lives, congregations and shared ministries, we work through regional staff, congregational leaders, and denominational ministries to bring God's love and redeeming grace to the point of greatest need. (Eph. 4:11-16, Micah 6:8, Acts 1:6-8)

Mission First!  addresses the need to find a new shared focus in mission and seeks to help Disciples identify the next mission priorities God has for us as we move toward the year 2020 and beyond.

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Mission Gathering Dates:
The Great River Region is moving full steam ahead with plans for Mission Gatherings this spring and summer. 
We have the following Gatherings confirmed:
July 6 - 10:00am @ MCMC Convention Session with all Participants
Please RSVP to the Host Church if you are planning on attending.

We are still looking for volunteers to work with the Mission First Initiative. If you are interested in serving as a host church, please contact the Regional Office. 

We want to offer you another tool to promote Mission Gatherings.  A one and a half minute animated video has been put together that will help better understand what will happen at a Mission Gathering.

File download: http://missionfirst.disciples.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/MissionGatheringPromo-DL.mp4

From members of the College of Regional Ministers and the Cabinet of General Ministries, a  Letter to the Church re:  Violence

An update from Pastor Juan Rodriguez, Executive Regional Minister of the Christian Church in Florida

June 12, 2016

From Pastor Juan...

We are stunned and devastated by the vicious disregard for human life that took place early yesterday at the Pulse Night Club here in Orlando.  A lone shooter has taken the lives of 49 adults, and wounded dozens more, celebrating Latin night at this LGBT gathering place.

The club is located about ten miles south of the Florida Disciples of Christ Regional Church office.

We are not aware at this time of any direct relationship of the victims with any of our Disciples of Christ congregations in Florida.

The impact of this tragedy on our Disciples of Christ congregations has been as responders serving the victims and their families and the broader community.  Many Florida Disciples work and serve as fire fighters, police officers, nurses, doctors, medical technicians, and others who are offering care in the aftermath of the attack.

Our clergy who serve as chaplains have been extending care including Rev. Dierdre Jarrett, full time chaplain with Orlando Health and member at Pershing Avenue Christian Church; Rev. Leslie McCarrick, pastor at Winter Park Christian Church and on-call chaplain with Orlando Health.   Rev. Lori Lynn Wachter, Associate Regional Minister and Part-Time Chaplain with Orlando Health, will work a hospital staff support event on Tuesday.

Our congregations are working to assist in providing care:
  • A family therapist, from our Iglesia Cristiana Hispana del Norte in Casselberry (where Rev. Hector Santiago is pastor) and her entire staff, have been present with the loved ones of the deceased and the injured, free of charge.
  • Rev. Dr. Betsy Goehrig, pastor of Blessing Christian Church in Tallahassee, is working as a Chaplain with the Salvation Army in Orlando.
  • Our pastor at Ocoee Christian Church,  Rev. Margaret Marquis, as Police Chaplain, is ready to support the police officers of Ocoee as they take on added responsibilities.
  • Orlando Central Christian Church, where Rev. Tuck Norvell is pastor and Rev. Jenn Norvell serves, is creating care packets for first responders and caregivers, and is offering space for prayer and support.
  • First Christian Church of DeLand, where Rev. Linda Kemp-Baird is pastor, is opening their sanctuary for a service of prayer tonight for the whole community.
  • St. Nicholas Park Christian Church in Jacksonville, were David Fox serves as Interim Pastor, is leading a community walk tonight at 6:00pm, from Hamburger Mary's to their sanctuary where there will be a service of prayer and support along with singing by the Jacksonville Men's Chorus.

Our Regional Church Staff members (Rev. Rodriguez, Rev. Wachter and Christy Apodaca) have been in contact with our Orlando area pastors and offer themselves in ongoing support.

The Christian Church in Florida has a rich relationship with Latino/Latina Disciples.  We join with our Hispanic congregations in feeling this shock and hurt.

Florida Disciples are making extra efforts to affirm our relationships with our neighbors who are Muslim and together we denounce this violence.

Florida Disciples of Christ are standing with our LGBT brothers and sisters whose hearts have been torn open by this assault.  We hold you in our hearts and in our arms as you bathe the earth with your tears.

Our larger Disciples of Christ church immediately reached out to us including Caroline Hamilton of Week of Compassion, the College of Regional Ministers, Global Ministries, and Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins, our General Minister and President:

Dear Juan,
Today I am especially in prayer for the Florida region and all those who may have loved ones directly impacted by the awful violence this morning in Orlando.

May God's mercy and love be wrapped around each one and all those who seek to offer help and hope.

Sharon Watkins

As this atrocity has taken place in our home ... together we are striving to identify God in the midst of pain, confusion and loss. Together we lift up the saving and healing grace of the One who Created us all.  We serve a loving God and who always beckons us to live in peace that all people may know what it is to be forgiven, loved and free.

We turn in prayer to God, our refuge and our strength, in this time of trouble. We stand in prayer together against hate and violence with hearts open to the power of the love and grace of God.
Letter to Governor of Mississippi.

  Given the history and tradition of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we write to express our concern that HB 1523 was passed into law.  

In the Great River Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a region inclusive of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, the value for freedom goes hand in hand with respect for diversity. We follow Jesus, who sat at a table with people from all walks of life and loved them all. Our members are of different races and ethnicities, ages, gender identities and sexual orientations – and we seek to welcome each and every one despite our differences. We celebrate what we have in common: We love Jesus and seek to follow him.   Click here to read full letter.

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Our logo was created in 2001 by Rev. Bill Mackie who at the time served FCC Baton Rouge.  It is based on a drawing by Jeanette Odom Rodriguez who was 14 at the time.  Her concept for our logo included an explanation that the rivers in our states remind us of our baptism and that the Mississippi River, the Great River, once divided us and now unites us by touching the length of each state as it travels to the Gulf.

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